Music submissions can be sent to seriousfix at gmail dot com.  Each track must adhere to the following rules.

  • Must be in 128 kbps MP3 format
  • Please ensure your MP3 Tags are correct so people know they are listening to your band
  • Materials can not be licensed

Music will be uploaded to the station and will begin playing by the following Friday (in most cases this will happen sooner).  The music will also be used for different shows which will be dynamic.  For instance, and this will happen, The FOD Power Hour (not quite sure that will run for a full hour, but you get the picture).

*  Please note that we stream at 128 kbps which is CD quality.

Recorded Radio Shows/Podcasts

If you have a prerecorded radio show and/or podcast and you would like it to be part of the station, please contact us at seriousfix at gmail dot com.  We can discuss times, days, etc.

Live Radio Show Hosts

This is another phase we are working on at this moment.  If you are a DJ and want to do a live show, please contact us at seriousfix at gmail dot com.

Of Utmost Importance

Some very important items that must be recognized.

  • No licensed music or materials can be used
  • All emails must contain the words Radio Reptile in the Subject field

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