The Car Bomb Parade

A Reptile thank you to The Car Bomb Parade for allowing us to play their music on Radio Reptile.  Quite a few tracks are now in rotation.  These guys are a good, solid band.  The Reptile greatly approves.

From Their BIO:

Forming at the very end of 2013 in Westchester County, NY, the members of the Car Bomb Parade set out to bring back the familiar fury of old-school punk rock while putting an unpredictable spin on it by blurring the lines between street punk, hardcore, and thrash.

New Shows Added

Reptile here saying you really needs to be tuning in to the following shows.  You gotta check ’em all out, peoples!

  • Smooth & Doom at Noon, 12pm to 2pm, M – F:  A little psychedelic smoothness and a helping of stoner and doom to get you through your lunch.
  • FOD Power Hour, 4pm to 5pm, M – F:  FOD in every car, living room, and work place for the masses.  This show is timed perfectly to get the 9 to 5 punks through the end of their work day.
  • MuteAnt at Midnight, 12am to 3am, M – F:  Many twisted thank yous to  Vinnie Paternostro for opening MuteAnt Sounds (net label) to The Reptile.  Experimental, twisted, noise, binaural, and International, you have to catch this show.  Headphones will add to the mind melting experience.  Perfect for twisting your dreams.



The Reptile would like to thank satyagraha for sharing their music with us.  It’s heavy, hardcore and in rotation.  Thanks again.

From Their BIO:

The product of several leftover metal riffs, hardcore bands and angst. satyagraha was formed sometime in mid 2013 by combining different elements of extreme music mixed with an aggressive outlook and intense energy. Please stay tuned while we get our shit together and be on the look out for more information, merch and shows, Thanks and spread the word!

MuteAnt Sounds (net label)

Radio Reptile would like to thank Vinnie Paternostro and MuteAnt Sounds (net label) for allowing us to use anything we want from the MuteAnt Sounds label.  Their show is from Midnight to 3am, Monday through Friday.  If you want to play some serious head games with yourself, wear headphones.  This music will twist you in ways you have never been twisted.

Genre:  This is tough to describe as these are very eclectic pieces.  You have noise, doom, heavy, jazzy, trippy, psychedelic, space and just plain mental.  I would describe it all as awesome food for your brain.

From Their BIO:

Muteant Sounds started out as a tape trading label in the mid 90s sending out tapes by two foot tall jerk, 0781KT, Dome from Jay Reeve’s various NJ dwellings. In the early 00s tapes made way to cdrs, photocopies turned into web sites. It’s 2012, Jay Reeve and Vinnie Paternostro are releasing various bands, projects and collaborations of their own and all their criminally obscure friends.

Cult of Ulysses: Feature on Sunday, 12/14 at 9PM

Many thanks to Cult of Ulysses for allowing us to use their album Anesidora.  Those of you into psychedelic, moody music will find this to be quite the treat.  Some tunes have been added to the rotation, but on top of that we are featuring this Sunday at 9PM.  Do not miss this!

From Their Bio:

Anesidora is a conceptual LP, a madman’s attempt to merge Kyuss and Pink Floyd. Made for headphones & headtrips, and best experienced when listened to as a whole piece.

Genres:  Psych/Prog/Stoner Rock

Black Dawn

The Reptile would like to thank Black Dawn for adding some tracks to the cue.  If you like it heavy, you absolutely must check these guys out.  THEY’RE HEAVY!

From Their Bio:

Basically, a band like Black Dawn is what you get when you combine four metal / hard rock musicians who are able to work together over the long term through thick and thin to continue to bring their act to the stage.