MuteAnt Sounds (net label)

Radio Reptile would like to thank Vinnie Paternostro and MuteAnt Sounds (net label) for allowing us to use anything we want from the MuteAnt Sounds label.  Their show is from Midnight to 3am, Monday through Friday.  If you want to play some serious head games with yourself, wear headphones.  This music will twist you in ways you have never been twisted.

Genre:  This is tough to describe as these are very eclectic pieces.  You have noise, doom, heavy, jazzy, trippy, psychedelic, space and just plain mental.  I would describe it all as awesome food for your brain.

From Their BIO:

Muteant Sounds started out as a tape trading label in the mid 90s sending out tapes by two foot tall jerk, 0781KT, Dome from Jay Reeve’s various NJ dwellings. In the early 00s tapes made way to cdrs, photocopies turned into web sites. It’s 2012, Jay Reeve and Vinnie Paternostro are releasing various bands, projects and collaborations of their own and all their criminally obscure friends.

More Tracks from Spine Punch Music

Once again Spine Punch Music throws in a ton of new tracks for y’all to listen to.  All of which have been Reptile approved.  Bands listed and linked below.  A very huge Reptile like thank you to Cedric and the bands.

Boomer and the Tumors, Hate To Say ItThe Elf Tones, The Grass Eaters, The King Kobras, The Piss Shiversand The Steve Mallon Band.

You can find out all information on these bands from Spine Punch Music.

Spine Punch Music

Cedric RokkGod from Spine Punch Music has been with us since before we went live.  Sharing such greats as The Piss Shivers, and Dicky and the Jerk Offs.  With more music on its way by The Noid, and Hate to Say It, this guy is a great part of Radio Reptile and the DIY community.  I highly suggest you frequent his label.

From Their BIO:

Spine Punch Music is an indie music (we don’t limit ourselves to records) label that is based in southeastern Pennsylvania. We currently work with Rock, Punk, Rockabilly, Electronic, Ambient, etc. bands… pretty much anything we like that doesn’t suck to much! Check out our stuff on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc.!


A Sincere Thank You to All the Bands, Friends, and Labels

Radio Reptile would like to thank the bands that agreed to let us play their music.  If it wasn’t for these bands, people, and labels, Radio Reptile would be nothing more than an idea.  Thanks to the following, the Reptile can raise his head one more time and get on to playing the best music ever.

The Dwarves, Tesco Vee for The Meatmen, Keith Hartel for Pleased Youth and Platinum Load, Bruce Wingate for Adrenalin OD, Laurin Killian for Flesh Hammer, Cedric Rokgod for Piss Shivers and Dicky and the Jerkoffs and label Spine Punch Music, Straphangers, Rob Alper for Hot Lunch (buy their skateboards), Jim McMonagle for Flag of Democracy and Dangerbird, Wonk Unit, Doyle, The Damn Dirty Apes, James Meier for Alement, Tony Cadaver for The Noid, Tim Swart for SWART, Meghan Killimade and Adam Wujtewicz for Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Common Enemy, Empty Vessels, Life Sentence, WelterAmerican’t, Hippie Lou, Vinnie Paternostro for  Hammer of the Working Class and Mutant Sounds Noise Netlabel, PEGBOY, Ron Kuhn for Corndogs and The Project LV, Police Lingo, The Parasitix, YDi, 3 Stone Monkey, Damn Broads, Rust Belt Demons, Justice Rage and Casey for Drug Free Mondays, John Stabb for Government Issue and History Repeated, VOID, We Are In Envelopes, the Suicide Dolls, Doomed to Obscurity, John Terlesky for Brother JT, Drugs of Faith, Blue Aside, Space Mushroom Fuzz, TSOL, Coma Cinema, Psychic Teens, Tertium Quid, Daywand, Angry Samaons, Follow Fashion Monkeys, Frank FOE for perhaps the best fanzine ever written:  F.O.E.

All of these bands and people have made this station become a reality.  There are a few bands mentioned here whose music is licensed.  Though I can not play their music, they are every bit a part of this station as everyone else.  This stations resources are open to all of the bands.  If you have a radio spot you would like to run, an article you want to share, etc., send it to us.

Once again a very, very sincere thank you to all mentioned above.  Now on to some DIY fun.