Cult of Ulysses: Feature on Sunday, 12/14 at 9PM

Many thanks to Cult of Ulysses for allowing us to use their album Anesidora.  Those of you into psychedelic, moody music will find this to be quite the treat.  Some tunes have been added to the rotation, but on top of that we are featuring this Sunday at 9PM.  Do not miss this!

From Their Bio:

Anesidora is a conceptual LP, a madman’s attempt to merge Kyuss and Pink Floyd. Made for headphones & headtrips, and best experienced when listened to as a whole piece.

Genres:  Psych/Prog/Stoner Rock

Black Dawn

The Reptile would like to thank Black Dawn for adding some tracks to the cue.  If you like it heavy, you absolutely must check these guys out.  THEY’RE HEAVY!

From Their Bio:

Basically, a band like Black Dawn is what you get when you combine four metal / hard rock musicians who are able to work together over the long term through thick and thin to continue to bring their act to the stage.

More Tracks from Spine Punch Music

Once again Spine Punch Music throws in a ton of new tracks for y’all to listen to.  All of which have been Reptile approved.  Bands listed and linked below.  A very huge Reptile like thank you to Cedric and the bands.

Boomer and the Tumors, Hate To Say ItThe Elf Tones, The Grass Eaters, The King Kobras, The Piss Shiversand The Steve Mallon Band.

You can find out all information on these bands from Spine Punch Music.

Silver Screams

Radio Reptile would like to thank Silver Screams for allowing us to add tracks from their new EP Creep Joint Scratch.  You will be quite pleased when you hear their music.

From their BIO:

Silver Screams is a punk rock and roll band from Boston, MA. Like it nihilistic? How about three aging punkers playing the best music they know how to nobody, with no career aspirations, zero street cred, and no greater point whatsoever. It’s a power trio screaming into a void before they die, because they’re not dead yet.

The Damn Dirty Apes

Radio Reptile would like to thank The Damn Dirty Apes for allowing us to play some tunes off their new release, Ape Diablo. This album is sick! I believe you will agree. Get your ape on and tune in now!

From their BIO:

somewhere between the cutting edge and the fiery past. humanity is lost. evolution has begun ,and the future looks…..dirty.

Also, you can catch The Damn Dirty Apes CD Release Party tonight at The Funhouse in Bethlehem PA.


Music by The Dwarves

All kinds of scumpunk love goes out to The Dwarves for allowing Radio Reptile to add music from their latest, The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll.  And I know most of you will know that as a true statement.

From their BIO:

With 2014 upon us, over 1200 shows under their belt and three decades of sickness to draw from, the Dwarves continue their assault on good taste with “THE DWARVES INVENTED ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” (Recess/Greedy). The relentless middle finger drive, catchy songwriting and deft production that set the DWARVES apart have never sounded better. And let’s face it, there’s only one punk band left that matters, so catch them soon at a theater, nightclub or crackhouse near you!


Music by Wolfpac

Radio Reptile would like to say thank you to Daddylong Legz for allowing us to play music from Wolfpac‘s latest release Square Peg Round Hole.  Much love to y’all!

From their BIO:

WOLFPAC’s musical flavor is hard, energetic, and straight up in your face. They kick it old-school hip-hop style blending beats with a mix of hard-core and metal samples tempered with over the top lyrics that are far from the same old subject matter of the regurgitated rap of today.