Music by Brother JT

Many thanks to Brother JT for allowing me to add tracks from his album The Svelteness of Boogietude.  Great sound for all you all to groove on.  So tune in and get svelte up.

From his Site:

The Svelteness of Boogietude is a typical of JT’s output in certain ways — rockers mixed with ballads, all of them crafted with causal elegance — but there are new elements here as well. In particular, there’s an attention to the legacy of later-period T. Rex, which results in tunes that kick total ass. Mr Coley, having seen Bolan play during his Zinc Alloy/Zip Gun Boogie period, went so far as to claim that “JT’s approach to this stuff equals that of the Master — huge riff-based anthems that balance glam dynamics with mystical history on the head of a pin. “But JT also manages to pull of ballads that can remind one of Beat Happening (“Gliding”) or what it might be like to hear Warren Zevon covering the Velvets (“Somebody Down There”), a lost track by the Stalk Forrest Group (“Muffintop”) or even a Kevin Ayers/Scott Walker move so bold you’ll shiver (“I Still Like Cassettes”).

It’s inconceivable that anyone who truly digs rock music will not be sucked deeply into the vortex of Boogietude. We can only pray that you will hear it, to experience the massive wonders of he who is Brother JT. From his remote headquarters in Central PA, the Brother has let another massive arrow fly. Don’t not get in its way.

Blue Aside: The Moles of a Dying Race [Sunday, 11/9/14, 9 pm]

Our first album feature will be Blue Aside‘s The Moles of a Dying Race.  If you like music in the doom metal, blueasidestoner, progressive, psychedelic, space rock genres, then you won’t want to miss this feature.

From their biography:

Blue Aside fuses science fiction with heavy psychedelia to create a sound where the music and lyrics tell a timeless tale…a tale of loss and woe, but also of hope and redemption. A tale that begins with the story of The Orange Tree.

Date & Time:  Sunday, November 9th, 9 pm

Doomed to Obscurity

Just added some killer tunes from Doomed to Obscurity.  Tune in and be sure to catch them.

From their BIO:

Stuck in a world ruled by apathy and fear, somebody has to fuck up the system… That’s our mission and we are Doomed To Obscurity. There was a time when shit mattered in music. People played what they wanted and spoke freely about turbulent issues. Music was art, poetic, hardcore, and made the world question its future. That time has come again. The shit has hit the fan! This is a wake up call to those who thought those days were dead.

Slots to Catch as of November 1st

The Reptile suggests you catch these slots while they are live.  Every day you will be able to listen to these fine artists at the times listed.

  • Noble at Noon:  Kristina Noble shares with us some very poetic avant-garde offerings.  It will start your lunch off in an interesting manner to be sure.  Kristina Noble on SoundCloud
  • Pleased Youth 3 O’Clock Block, 3 pm:  A great band from Jersey.  Allow these guys to start the end of your work day the right way and find out why they are a truly Dangerous Choo Choo.  Pleased Youth
  • FOD Power Block, 4 pm:  Blare this around the office at 4 o’clock.  FOD has played non-stop since their birth and toured the world several times.  Can you say shred?  Can you say punk anthem?  Can you say Flag of Democracy?

*  These slots will eventually be replaced.  So catch them while you can.

Radio Reptile Lives

On this day Radio Reptile has officially once again been loosed upon the earth.

What you will be listening to is an eclectic group of musicians.  Everything on this station I have listened to and have deemed it Reptile worthy.  You will hear hardcore, punk, metal, avant-garde, experimental, and just plain mental.  Genre specific shows are being added.  You can find out dates, times, and genre under the Shows category.

We are currently working on our prerecorded show phase.  We have DJs, comedians, and podcasters submitting their ideas.  You will hear more about these in the near future.

If your are a band and your music is playing on our station, please feel free to send us articles and/or radio spots.  We will work them into the rotation for you.  If you have new music, please send it along with an article about your new release.  We will share it under the Bands category.  If you have fliers for live shows, please send those as we will have a place for them as well.

To you the listener, the persons being bombarded with this insane musical randomness, please enjoy and spread the word.  If you have any ideas for the station, let us know.  We are very open to new ideas and constructive criticisms.

Thank you.


Radio Reptile

PS:  You can tune into the station by using the Reptile Tuner on the right hand side of this page, or by going to the SHOUTcast page and searching for Radio Reptile.

A Sincere Thank You to All the Bands, Friends, and Labels

Radio Reptile would like to thank the bands that agreed to let us play their music.  If it wasn’t for these bands, people, and labels, Radio Reptile would be nothing more than an idea.  Thanks to the following, the Reptile can raise his head one more time and get on to playing the best music ever.

The Dwarves, Tesco Vee for The Meatmen, Keith Hartel for Pleased Youth and Platinum Load, Bruce Wingate for Adrenalin OD, Laurin Killian for Flesh Hammer, Cedric Rokgod for Piss Shivers and Dicky and the Jerkoffs and label Spine Punch Music, Straphangers, Rob Alper for Hot Lunch (buy their skateboards), Jim McMonagle for Flag of Democracy and Dangerbird, Wonk Unit, Doyle, The Damn Dirty Apes, James Meier for Alement, Tony Cadaver for The Noid, Tim Swart for SWART, Meghan Killimade and Adam Wujtewicz for Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Common Enemy, Empty Vessels, Life Sentence, WelterAmerican’t, Hippie Lou, Vinnie Paternostro for  Hammer of the Working Class and Mutant Sounds Noise Netlabel, PEGBOY, Ron Kuhn for Corndogs and The Project LV, Police Lingo, The Parasitix, YDi, 3 Stone Monkey, Damn Broads, Rust Belt Demons, Justice Rage and Casey for Drug Free Mondays, John Stabb for Government Issue and History Repeated, VOID, We Are In Envelopes, the Suicide Dolls, Doomed to Obscurity, John Terlesky for Brother JT, Drugs of Faith, Blue Aside, Space Mushroom Fuzz, TSOL, Coma Cinema, Psychic Teens, Tertium Quid, Daywand, Angry Samaons, Follow Fashion Monkeys, Frank FOE for perhaps the best fanzine ever written:  F.O.E.

All of these bands and people have made this station become a reality.  There are a few bands mentioned here whose music is licensed.  Though I can not play their music, they are every bit a part of this station as everyone else.  This stations resources are open to all of the bands.  If you have a radio spot you would like to run, an article you want to share, etc., send it to us.

Once again a very, very sincere thank you to all mentioned above.  Now on to some DIY fun.