The Joykiller

Radio Reptile would like to give a huge thank you to Jack Grisham for allowing me to play from The Joykiller‘s new album, Music for Break-Ups.  This album has a very poppy punk type vibe to it.  Truly a great listen and wonderful addition to our rotation.  Enjoy!

From Their BIO:

The Joykiller — Punk Rock’s Superpop Nightmare.  The Joykiller are a band not afraid to push their emotions and passions to the fore front of their music and throw away all the expectations of what a punk band should be. The Joykiller have carved themselves out a musical niche all there own and in doing so have given their fans a versatile record that will shake the foundations of the pop-punk genre.



A big Reptile thank you to Natalie Nots for allowing me to play some tracks by NOTS.  This band is killer garage punk that you will not want to miss in the rotation.  You WILL love NOTS!

From Their BIO:

Excellent all-girl combo in the tradition of Slits, Raincoats, Liliput, Poly Styrene etc… with Natalie, bassist from Ex-Cult, Charlotte from Manateees, and Laurel from Moving Finger. WILD punk from Memphis!

From the Frank FOE Review:

I love their DC, Post Punk, Spacey, driving noise punk rock. I hear hardcore-era Devo, vintage Sonic Youth and hardcore in Nots. This band kills.

Space Mushroom Fuzz

New tracks from Space Mushroom Fuzz have been added.  You can find them on the Smooth & Doom at Noon show and in rotation.  Many Reptile thanks to the band.

[Smooth & Doom at Noon, 12 Noon to 2 PM, M – F:  A little psychedelic smoothness and a helping of stoner and doom to get you through your lunch.]

From Their Bio:

Adam ate mushrooms at his studio and setup some microphones on the drum set. Recorded a 10 minute long drum track then put guitars and a bassline over it and called it Shine On You Crazy Train part 1. Not knowing how to play drums, Adam called an old friend / drummer John Belcastro to record some drums. Three weeks later they released When Time Trippers Collide.

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Thaddeus David Storme

A Reptile thank you to Thaddeus David Storme for allowing me to play several tracks off his latest album He Said, She Said… For those of you who love some poppy 80’s style musical renderings with a little eclectic artsy flare thrown in then be sure to catch his tracks in rotation.  Also, his track Marionette can be heard weekdays at Noon mixed into our Smooth & Doom at Noon show.

  • Smooth & Doom at Noon, 12pm to 2pm, M – F:  A little psychedelic smoothness and a helping of stoner and doom to get you through your lunch.

I have no contact information for this artist that I can share, however if you are interested in getting a copy of his CD please contact me at seriousfix at gmail dot com and I will be sure he gets your information.

Window Liquor

Many Reptile thanks to Window Liquor for allowing us to play some of their music.  I highly suggest grabbing their music and catching them live when you can.  These boys are a good time.

From Their BIO:

Self Proclaimed Anti-Adult Contemporary trio from Philadelphia: Johnny Trash, Astro Spacebag, & Stick Jagger playing the punkest thing you’ve heard since the first time you heard Crass’ “Feeding of the 500” on an 8th of mushrooms at a squat in West Philadelphia.

Brian Medlin

A Reptile thank you to Brian Medlin for sharing his music with us.  You will find it playing throughout the rotation.  I have had the pleasure of seeing this man perform on several occasions.  This is folk/experimental music with a punch.  If you ever hear that Brian Medlin is playing anywhere, go see him.  This is an artist you will not want to miss.