Radio Reptile Welcomes Pissed Off Radio

pissedoffheaderA very hearty Reptile welcome to the Pissed Off Radio show, which debuts tonight on Radio Reptile.  This is the first radio show with a personality on it to step foot on the Reptile‘s waves.  Very excited about working together and know that you will love what this show has to offer.

From the Pissed Off Radio Bio:

We play fast, loud, aggressive music. Sometimes it has a message. Sometimes it’s just a lot of yelling and screaming. We play mostly unsigned, underground artists. We don’t give a fuck if you curse. We prefer to play originals. We love hip hop, but we don’t play it. The format is underground punk, hardcore and metal. We don’t play is any racist, fascist, or misogynist shit.

Set List for Tonight’s Show



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