Thaddeus David Storme

A Reptile thank you to Thaddeus David Storme for allowing me to play several tracks off his latest album He Said, She Said… For those of you who love some poppy 80’s style musical renderings with a little eclectic artsy flare thrown in then be sure to catch his tracks in rotation.  Also, his track Marionette can be heard weekdays at Noon mixed into our Smooth & Doom at Noon show.

  • Smooth & Doom at Noon, 12pm to 2pm, M – F:  A little psychedelic smoothness and a helping of stoner and doom to get you through your lunch.

I have no contact information for this artist that I can share, however if you are interested in getting a copy of his CD please contact me at seriousfix at gmail dot com and I will be sure he gets your information.

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