MuteAnt Sounds (net label)

Radio Reptile would like to thank Vinnie Paternostro and MuteAnt Sounds (net label) for allowing us to use anything we want from the MuteAnt Sounds label.  Their show is from Midnight to 3am, Monday through Friday.  If you want to play some serious head games with yourself, wear headphones.  This music will twist you in ways you have never been twisted.

Genre:  This is tough to describe as these are very eclectic pieces.  You have noise, doom, heavy, jazzy, trippy, psychedelic, space and just plain mental.  I would describe it all as awesome food for your brain.

From Their BIO:

Muteant Sounds started out as a tape trading label in the mid 90s sending out tapes by two foot tall jerk, 0781KT, Dome from Jay Reeve’s various NJ dwellings. In the early 00s tapes made way to cdrs, photocopies turned into web sites. It’s 2012, Jay Reeve and Vinnie Paternostro are releasing various bands, projects and collaborations of their own and all their criminally obscure friends.

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