Slots to Catch as of November 1st

The Reptile suggests you catch these slots while they are live.  Every day you will be able to listen to these fine artists at the times listed.

  • Noble at Noon:  Kristina Noble shares with us some very poetic avant-garde offerings.  It will start your lunch off in an interesting manner to be sure.  Kristina Noble on SoundCloud
  • Pleased Youth 3 O’Clock Block, 3 pm:  A great band from Jersey.  Allow these guys to start the end of your work day the right way and find out why they are a truly Dangerous Choo Choo.  Pleased Youth
  • FOD Power Block, 4 pm:  Blare this around the office at 4 o’clock.  FOD has played non-stop since their birth and toured the world several times.  Can you say shred?  Can you say punk anthem?  Can you say Flag of Democracy?

*  These slots will eventually be replaced.  So catch them while you can.

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