Radio Reptile Lives

On this day Radio Reptile has officially once again been loosed upon the earth.

What you will be listening to is an eclectic group of musicians.  Everything on this station I have listened to and have deemed it Reptile worthy.  You will hear hardcore, punk, metal, avant-garde, experimental, and just plain mental.  Genre specific shows are being added.  You can find out dates, times, and genre under the Shows category.

We are currently working on our prerecorded show phase.  We have DJs, comedians, and podcasters submitting their ideas.  You will hear more about these in the near future.

If your are a band and your music is playing on our station, please feel free to send us articles and/or radio spots.  We will work them into the rotation for you.  If you have new music, please send it along with an article about your new release.  We will share it under the Bands category.  If you have fliers for live shows, please send those as we will have a place for them as well.

To you the listener, the persons being bombarded with this insane musical randomness, please enjoy and spread the word.  If you have any ideas for the station, let us know.  We are very open to new ideas and constructive criticisms.

Thank you.


Radio Reptile

PS:  You can tune into the station by using the Reptile Tuner on the right hand side of this page, or by going to the SHOUTcast page and searching for Radio Reptile.

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