About the Reptile

Radio Reptile crept out of the earth back in 1995.  He basically was sick of listening to regular radio and decided to pirate and make people hear the music he loved the most.  Unfortunately, actual FM transmission gear was far too expensive.  The decision was made to use CB radio.  Sure, he only had an audience of, at the most, 30 people at one time.  Most of them laughing at the people who tried to triangulate him up and down the Northeast from CT to PA.  He was only caught once, in Groton CT, by a group of fun loving CB radio enthusiasts, which was a blast.

Fast forward to today.  Radio Reptile has decided to bring the music to the world through the Internet.  This station is what the Reptile has always been about.  Although now he has decided to follow at least a few rules (fines do not bode well with the Reptile … nor does prison).

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